Commercial Use Authorizations

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Want to conduct business inside Grand Canyon National Park?

Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) are required for all commercial visitor services provided by a company or organization not based in the park.

  • CUAs are valid for the calendar year only.
  • Companies will need to reapply each year.
  • Make sure to apply 4 weeks before your first trip/event.
  • Please be sure to fill in ALL the blanks in your application forms. Incomplete packets will not be processed until complete. Applications cannot be expedited.
  • 2019 SHUTDOWN UPDATE: due to the backlog of CUA applications we are experiencing, expect your permit to be ready approximately 6 weeks from when you submit a complete packet. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working as fast as we can to get your business operating at Grand Canyon National Park.

A complete application packet must include:
  1. The general application form, typed and filled out completely. We do not accept typed signatures so please print, sign and scan the signature page. Application Form 10-550
    • Note: question #10 requires companies to list all vehicles used to transport clients. If vehicles will be rented, please enter "unknown" in the license plate column and indicate in the last column that you will be renting a vehicle. If you are contracting out, please indicate from which company you are chartering.
    • Sample Visitor Acknowledgment of Risk Form
  2. At least one specific application form (typed). Please choose the 10-115 for each service you wish to provide.
  1. Certificate of Insurance from your insurance agent for the required amounts (see last page of Application Form 10-550) listing as Additionally Insured: The United States of America, PO Box 129, Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023. Two types of insurance are required:
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Commercial Automobile Liability
  2. Application Fee
  3. Annual Report for the previous year (2018) if you have operated in the park before: Annual Report 10-660 Do not leave any information blank.
Note: Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Incomplete applications are not placed in the queue until they are complete.
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Submitting your CUA application packet:

Email submission: e-mail us

You may also mail the complete application packet to:

Grand Canyon National Park
Attn: Commercial Services
PO Box 129
3 Camper Services (UPS, FedEx, etc.)
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

We highly recommend that you email your complete application packet. This reduces wait time and allows us to better track your case. Once submitted, you will receive an automated message. Please wait at least two weeks before checking your permit status. We experience a high volume of applicants, over 700 a year, and cannot give companies individual attention. Peak periods are October through December and again in February and March. We recommend you get your complete application in as early as possible, especially if your trips fall during peak periods. Complete applications are processed in four weeks on average. No applications can be expedited. There are no exceptions.

Questions? e-mail us or call 928-638-7707. Please note that this phone takes messages only; there is no live person who answers this phone. Leave a detailed message that is clearly annunciated so we can research your queries and return your call. For faster response times, please email.


In order to collect the Market Price Management Fee for applicable 2018 CUA holders, the permits office needs first to review your submitted Annual Report. The 2018 Annual Report is due January 31, 2019. After reviewing each CUA holder's annual report, the permits office will send a separate email with the Market Price Calculator. CUA holders will use this calculator to confirm the total CUA fees due (gross reciepts earned minus the application fee). This payment process will be through and is separate from 2019 application fees.

Grand Canyon National Park is accepting applications for Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) in the Tuweep area through December 31, 2018. All CUAs will expire at that time. Applications for Tuweep Commercial Transportation will be considered to the extent they do not have unacceptable impacts on park resource and values.

CUAs issued during this time period are not guaranteed a CUA in 2019. The park's Backcountry Management Plan is being revised and will provide guidance on managing Commercial Use in the Tuweep area. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the revised plan was available for public comment until March 4, 2016.

e-mail us for more information.

Contact the Commercial Services Office: e-mail us

Additional Information for NORTH RIM COMMERCIALTOUR CUAs:
Download the Commercial Vehicle Parking Policy update letter here.

Backcountry campsite
Backcountry campsite

Backcountry Camping Permits
for Overnight Backpacking Operators

In addition to the CUA, Backpacking CUA holders are required to obtain all necessary backcountry camping permits from the Backcountry Information Center. Find more information about Backpacking Permits on the Backcountry Permits page.

CUA Backcountry Permit Request Form (400kb PDF File)

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Last updated: February 15, 2019

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