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This blog is meant to encourage awareness and thoughtfulness about the Grand Canyon, one of our most precious resources. . It is not merely a story of what happens or has happened here, not a cookbook for what you should make of it yourself, but more an example of the many-faceted inspiration the Canyon nurtures in an artist, perhaps in you. Indeed, inspiration may be the Canyon’s greatest resource. . These words are sincere, my own take on this world, deliberately non-academic and directed toward users of social media. In no way does it represent the policies or opinions of the National Park Service, although it is done under the auspices of that entity, but is offered in gratitude, with my respect and admiration for these soldiers of conservation. George H. Jacobi 2016

The Point

September 11, 2017 Posted by: George Jacobi - ©G.Jacobi2017

Unlike the dozens of named Points on the Park Map frequented by those thousands of chattering camera-centric humans, this site with its 280 degree view makes us want to whisper to each other, even to wish we came alone.


Grand Canyon: Some Thoughts On Music

August 01, 2016 Posted by: George H. Jacobi

Try as you might, you won’t hear it. It’s going on all the time, though, and has been for billions of years. Ferde Grofe tried to catch some of it when he wrote his “Grand Canyon Suite”.


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