Get Involved

Discover more about how you can become involved in the events and efforts going on at Golden Spike.

  • Our partners
    Golden Spike has several organizations that help to share this site story and host the special events.
  • Donate
    Find out how you can make a financial donation.
  • Work with Us
    Check out if any positions are in the process of being filled here at Golden Spike. Most seasonal hiring occurs
    in mid-winter, and the park hires both paid and volunteer positions.
  • Do Business with Us
    Like our non-profit partners, our business partners play an integral role in connecting the public to this place. If you run a travel or tourism business and
    want to do business within Golden Spike, read up on commercial use authorizations here.
  • Planning
    The planning process is how the public can express opinions in the management of a national park. Find
    out if any current opportunities exist to share your voice, or browse past planning documents.
  • Sustainability
    Learn what we're doing to minimize our impact on the environment, and find suggestions of
    how you can help.

Last updated: March 29, 2019

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