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Picture of Transcontinental Railroad Bridge with train constructed in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Photograph by Andrew J. Russell, 1869
Transcontinental Railroad Bridge with train constructed in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Andrew J. Russell 1869

Connecting to the Past

Golden Spike National Historical Park preserves 2,735 acres of land surrounding a 15 mile stretch of the original Transcontinental Railroad. The site is located in a remote valley on the north end of the Great Salt Lake. There is only one paved road that will bring visitors out to the site.

The site where the last spike was driven is located within a hundred yards of the Visitor Center and is commemorated by a polished wooden tie with a plaque resting inches from where the 1869 ceremony was held.

The paved road to the site is safe for travel except for occasional days during the winter season, when staff will post closure signs for the public to avoid the steeper climb that carries them up into the Promontory Summit Valley.

Visitors are encouraged to call ahead if icy conditions are prevalent in the area, before heading out to the site.

Be Prepared

Golden Spike National Historical Park's location may result in visitors having to endure high winds, insects, heat, cold, and encounters with wildlife. Our staff recommends that the public plan ahead and prepare for these possibilities.

  • Stay Safe - With limited cell coverage, read up on how to stay safe in remote areas and be aware gas and other services are not available within 27 miles.
  • Nearest emergency medical services are 35 miles away in Brigham City. Emergency ambulance response times are up to 45 minutes or longer.
  • Weather - The mountainous terrain, proximity to the lake, and limited opportunities for shelter can cause unique weather related inconveniences. Visitors are encouraged to check local weather forecasts before coming to the site.

Be Aware

  • Pets - Pets are welcome at Golden Spike National Historical Park. We do ask animals are kept on leash, they are not brought into the Visitor Center, and that owners take care of any waste connected with their animals. During the operation of the replica locomotives please maintain control of your pet for their safety.
  • All Terrain Vehicles, Shooting, & Hunting - Recreation connected with these activities is not permitted within the site. There are other options to explore opportunities connected with these activities within the surrounding area.

Last updated: October 8, 2021

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