Energy Efficiency

Infrared image of heat loss from building
This infrared image identifies areas of heat loss from the park headquarters building so that measures can be taken to reduce energy consumption

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Using energy efficiently and being mindful of wasteful practices can reduce carbon footprints and save money. Golden Gate National Recreation Area used heat sensing technology to address these goals and identify areas of heat loss from its buildings in 2011. Adding insulation to park buildings, especially where heat escape was detected, reduced energy usage and saved the park money on heating costs.

A few other strategies that Golden Gate uses to decrease its carbon footprint and energy consumption include purchasing EnergyStar certified appliances that use less energy to provide the same function as traditional appliances. The park is also installing LED lighting with motion based occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights off when a room is not in use. These energy reduction steps, when coupled with renewable energy production using photovoltaic panels for example, allows the park to dramatically decrease its carbon footprint.

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Last updated: May 6, 2015

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