Prehistoric Artifacts

prehistoric pointed tool



This prehistoric Monterey chert projectile point was discovered at an historic site at Lands End. The notches at the end of the point signify that it was attached to a longer item to be used as a lance or spear. The park archeologist was able to use this rare find to add another complex layer of history site to the inventory of Lands End.




This oyster shell was discovered during monitoring of a prehistoric site at Lands End. Archeologists believe that the oyster shell may actually be fossilized, indicating that it was from the local Merced geological formation further down the Pacific Coast. What could the benefit of transporting such an item have been?




Prehistoric archeologists study faunal remains from prehistoric sites to help determine what diet would have been like for people living in California pre-European contact. Shells of various species are a common archeological artifact at sites along the Pacific Coast. These six clam shell fragments from a prehistoric site at Lands End indicate that Ohlone relied in part on the bounty of the sea. With all of the abundant wildlife at Lands End even now that San Francisco Bay has been so heavily urbanized, it is no wonder their culture was able to thrive on the rich natural resources of the area.


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