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Dissonant Voices 2019

Professional Development for Secondary Educators

Trial of the Heart Mountain draft resisters, 1944. Military Intelligence School, Presidio , November 1941.
Military Intelligence School, Presidio , November 1941 (L). Trial of the Heart Mountain draft resisters, 1944 (R).

We Are All Americans

September 28, 2019

Presidio of San Francisco
9:00am - 4:30pm
Free Workshop
Stipend of $175


How did the experience of being forcibly removed from their homes and incarcerated affect the choices made by people of Japanese ancestry as they responded to the government’s call for loyalty and service?

Mark your calendar for our next Dissonant Voices - We Are All Americans. People of Japanese ancestry faced a deep moral dilemma in the 1940s when confronted with the decision whether or not to serve in the US military while their families were incarcerated in concentration camps without due process.

We will focus on three case studies: Gordon Hirabayashi, who registered as a Conscientious Objector while his close cousin fought overseas; Jack Tono, a draft resister with the Heart Mountain Fair Play Committee; and Seiki Oshiro from Hawaii, who served with the Military Intelligence School. Chizu Omori will speak on the Loyalty Questions in 1943 and their lasting impact.

Join your colleagues for open-ended inquiry into what it means to be American – then and now. Why did some individuals believe civil rights should be restored before service, while others were committed to proving themselves to gain back civil rights?

We will meet at the former Military Intelligence School (Building 640) in the Presidio of San Francisco, now the museum of the National Japanese American Historical Society, a co-sponsor of this workshop with support from the NPS Japanese American Confinement Sites Program.

Dissonant Voices
is an inquiry-based series of workshops for secondary Social Studies teachers presented since 2009. The series is framed by the essential question – “What happens when we teach untaught histories?"


Parks as Classrooms


Applications for Inquiry With the Ranger and In the Native Plant Nurseries programs accepted until a week before the required teacher workshop and/or the program is full.

Education Rangers smile and pose in front Golden Gate Bridge.

PARKS AS CLASSROOMS programs in Golden Gate National Parks - set in indigenous habitats and historic landmarks, ancient redwood groves and dramatic coastal preserve - actively engage students in inquiry learning about and caring for national parks and their own communities. Designed by park staff, classroom teachers, students, and leaders of community organizations, park education programs encourage student achievement through innovative pedagogy and authentic experiences in the park. The goals and principles of the K-12 program confirm Golden Gate's commitment to inclusive and relevant inquiry-based learning linked to school curricula.


Teaching Untaught Histories

is a new series of FREE 8th-12th grade programs in which a Park Ranger comes to your classroom to facilitate lessons in 19th and 20th century social studies. These programs are rooted in Social Justice issues that promote skills in historical analysis and critical thinking. Each account focuses on a pivotal national issue -still relevant today - that played out right here in San Francisco.
Click here for more information on the Teaching Untaught Histories programs.

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PARK Teachers Geology

is a collaborative effort undertaken by teachers, university faculty, nonprofit education partners, and Golden Gate to introduce pre-service and classroom teachers to place-based and inquiry learning that supports education standards and engages students in authentic hands-on science. Click here to learn about the program and find teaching resources.

Crissy Field Center- A Youth Leadership and Education Center

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, our primary nonprofit partner, offers an array of multicultural programs that actively engage youth of all ages at the Crissy Field Center.The Parks Conservancy promotes collaborations in building a more sustainable, and socially and environmentally just society.


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