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Dissonant Voices 2016

July 26-28, 2016

Teaching Untaught Histories

Designed For High School Social Studies Teachers

$300 Teacher Stipend

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What’s at stake when we teach untaught histories?

Join an informative and dynamic 3-day exchange about some of the most compelling stories rooted in the GGNRA and Angel Island – immigration and deportation, militarization and resistance, conservationism and racism, climate change and global migration. Utilizing a local perspective, we will draw deeper conclusions and understanding of how and why these themes thread through the 20th century. At the Presidio of San Francisco and Angel Island Immigration Station, we will immerse ourselves in place and poetry.

Dissonant Voices offers you a practical approach in using historic and community sources to provoke students to pose meaningful questions, apply critical thinking skills, and build historic interpretations.


Parks as Classrooms

Registration opens August 10th.

Education team on Rodeo Beach
PARKS AS CLASSROOMS programs in Golden Gate National Parks - set in indigenous habitats and historic landmarks, ancient redwood groves and dramatic coastal preserve - actively engage students in inquiry learning about and caring for national parks and their own communities. Designed by park staff, classroom teachers, students, and leaders of community organizations, park education programs encourage student achievement through innovative pedagogy and authentic experiences in the park. The goals and principles of the K-12 program confirm Golden Gate's commitment to inclusive and relevant inquiry-based learning linked to school curricula.

Every Kid in a Park!

Join us in celebrating 100 years of National Parks in America. Click here to show your 4th grade students how to obtain special Centennial free park pass for them and their families to use all year long!

Serpentinite bluffs with Golden Gate Bridge behind

Enrich Your Understanding of Geology

PARK Teachers Geology is a collaborative effort undertaken by teachers, university faculty, nonprofit education partners, and Golden Gate to introduce pre-service and classroom teachers to place-based and inquiry learning that supports education standards and engages students in authentic hands-on science. Use this link to learn more about the program to an find teaching resources.
Ferns and redwood trees at Muir Woods

Exciting New Online Learning Tool

Your students journey into the ancient redwood forest to uncover how living things make their home and survive in this very special habitat. In this virtual adventure, students experience the sights and sounds of one of the world's most iconic environments while learning about habitats, species competition, interdependence, and adaptations. A fun and challenging way to introduce redwood ecology or conclude a unit by checking for understanding. Use this link to learn more about Nature Detectives.

Crissy Field Center- A Youth Leadership and Education Center

Crissy Field Center, located on the Presidio of San Francisco, is a partnership of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the National Park Service, and the Presidio Trust. The Center offers multicultural programs that actively engage us with our environments and promote collaborations in building a more sustainable, socially and environmentally just society.

·Scholarships for programs and transportation are available.

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