group of kids walk down road in front of Fort Point and golden gate bridge

Inquiry With A Ranger

Habitat Detectives takes 1st grade detectives on an intriguing investigation near the Golden Gate to uncover the rich diversity of human, plant, and animal life.

Seeds to Flowers invites K-2nd grade students to discover the plant life cycle while cultivating their own connection to nature at one of the Park Nurseries.

Petal Pushers brings 2nd-3rd grade naturalists to Park Nursery for a plant adaptation adventure.

Into the Redwood Forest immerses 3rd and 4th grade clue-seeking scientists in the wonders of Muir Woods, from the very small to the very tall.

Rock! Pattern! Systems! delivers 4th grade geologists to the continent's edge to explore the mysteries of past and present seafloors.

Faces of Fort Point transports 4th grade history sleuths to Gold Rush Fort Point to discover and imagine another time and place.

Self-Guided Programs

Rings, Ripples, & Echoes guides K-5 species spotters on a magical journey through Muir Woods and other natural communities along the Redwood Creek Watershed.

Last updated: September 16, 2021

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