Rings, Ripples,& Echoes

Grades K-5
Sun streams through the fog
students gaze at redwoods

Your students travel on a self-guided inquiry-based journey through Muir Woods and other natural communities along the Redwood Creek Watershed. They consider the interrelationships of the forest communities and understand the healthy patterns of a forest habitat.

Getting Ready for the Park Visit In Muir Woods National Monument

National Park Service staff will greet you and your class when you arrive at Muir Woods. Staff will conduct a 15-minute talk on the ecosystem in a special outdoor classroom. Also, you will be provided with self-guides to aid you while hiking in the woods. Groups at the park on an educational visit will receive an admission-fee waiver.

Rings, Ripples, & Echoes uses the Understanding by Design framework, and aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards.

The K-2nd grade Rings, Ripples, & Echoes Understanding by Design grid

The 3rd-4th grade Rings, Ripples, & Echoes Understanding by Design grid

The 5th grade Rings, Ripples, & Echoes Understanding by Design grid

Program Description

Rings, Ripples, and Echoes is framed by an Essential Question:

K-2nd Grade: What do living things need to survive in their habitat?

3rd-4th Grade: How do living things thrive in their habitat?

5th Grade: How are our cultures influenced by where we live?

Rings, Ripples, & Echoes is structured in three parts: *

Classroom preparation – lessons delivered by the teacher with resources provided by the park

Field session – the forest experience in which students investigate the forest, engage in scientific inquiry, and discuss cultural uses of the land

Classroom Assessment – opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned through writing stories, illustrated poems, or developing models based on evidence gleaned from plant identification cards, information on Coast Miwok land use, and their own forest visit.

The K-2nd grade Teacher's Guide and program description

The K-2nd grade pre-site lessons

The 3rd-4th grade Teacher's Guide and program description

The 3rd-4th grade pre-site lessons

The 5th grade Teacher's Guide and program description

The 5th grade pre-site lessons

A redwood forest animal guide.
A redwood forest plant guide.

Please visit the Save the Redwoods League website to get more information on Redwood Forests.

Please note: The narrow, winding road leading to the park is not accessible by vehicles larger than 35 feet, according to the regulation of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

The application for this program is now live for the 2021-2022 school year. Please click here to apply.

* Virtual program structures vary.

Last updated: September 9, 2021

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