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Plan and enrich your visit to Golden Gate National Recreation Area with the official, free National Park Service app. Digitally explore all 81,000 acres of parklands—by map or by topic of interest. Discover the natural and cultural stories in context with their locations. Find the information you need about visitor centers, events, lodging, places to eat and shop, and services throughout the park.


Explore Golden Gate's Sites

Discover park stories by exploring collections right on the home screen. Quickly delve into a topic or site that interests you, from the major resources of the park to going on an enriched self-guided walking tour. Alternatively, you can explore Golden Gate via the interactive map, or even search for a site you've heard about.

Interactive Map

See where you are located within the park, find what is nearby; and show specific service locations on this enhanced map. It's a great way to found where things are in the park, or what is near you when you're in the park. If you've downloaded the app content ahead of your visit, the map will continue to work for you without an internet connection!


Plan your visit and reminder yourself of places, topics, tours, and events that interest you. The app will even notify you when you get near a saved location.


Ready to share your experience? Tap here to create your very own collage of images you've taken of your Golden Gate experience, then share that collage with friends and family.

Calendar and Alerts

Get up-to-date information from the National Park Service about what is happening in Golden Gate, including ranger programs and trail closures (requires internet connection to receive the initial data and for any updates).


Audio-described sites and alternative text for images. This app includes up-to-date accessibility information in addition to audio description of many exhibits and waysides throughout in the park.

Using the App

Cellular service is limited within many areas of the park. In order to make use of the app throughout Golden Gate, follow these simple steps prior to your arrival:
  1. Download the app.
  2. In the app, select the "Settings" option.
  3. Tap the choice "Download Offline Content."

By doing this, most of the app content will be available for use in the park (the exceptions being alerts, calendar updates, and real-time updates—accessing those items before leaving service will at least keep that information in the app). Even without cellular service, the app will be able to share your location on the map and bring up all site content.


Download the App

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android.


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