East Beach

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A parking lot adjacent to a wide promenade A parking lot adjacent to a wide promenade

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The parking lot and promenade at East Beach today

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New seating and wind-protected gathering spots along the promenade:
Credit: 1. Protected Seating and Picnic Areas ; 2. Food Service ; 3. Flexible Use Lawn

What’s Next

East Beach provides a variety of recreational opportunities–joggers, boardsailors, picnickers, beach goers, and dog walkers alike enjoy all it has to offer. Parking improvements, drop-off areas, wind-protected gathering spots, and a new Beach Hut & Restroom will provide space and amenities for all, no matter your adventure. We have two different design concepts to carry out these ideas.

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Aerial map of option one, where Building 1199 is retained
Site Plan for option one. Click on image to enlarge.

Site Plan Option One

In option one, Building 1199 (at the southeast corner of East Beach) remains and is renovated to provide restrooms, food service, and some type of public program. The current East Beach restroom remains in its existing location.

Aerial map of option two, where Building 1199 is removed and a new beach restroom is located in a central location near the beach
Site plan for option two. Click on image to enlarge.

Site Plan Option Two

In option two, Building 1199 is removed. Picnic areas and gathering spots are moved to the east end of East Beach, where they’ll be wind-protected and out of the way of more active recreational uses. The existing restroom building will be replaced with a new facility that will provide additional restroom stalls, showers, and a food window (or space for food trucks) in a central location near the beach.

Last updated: July 2, 2019

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