Why Crissy Field Next?

Crissy Field is a beloved San Francisco gathering spot and recreational destination. Families, youth, couples, friends, sight-seers, pedestrians, dogs, cyclists, frisbee-throwers, windsurfers, and picnickers all enjoy easy access to nature, history, and recreation at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge and on the Bay.

So why change a good thing?

The National Park Service and the Parks Conservancy transformed Crissy Field into an extraordinary bay-side park in 2001. Now, after nearly 20 years, parts of Crissy Field are in need of repair and rehabilitation, while other areas are not used to their full potential. This project proposes to make improvements to Crissy Field so that all visitors are able to enjoy and connect with the park. There may be new features, while the sense of tranquility and history that makes it such a special place will always be preserved.

There are five goals for this project:

  • To connect with the community by creating an inclusive, welcoming space that’s accessible and easy to enjoy.

  • To add more opportunities for recreation, renewal, and reflection — a visitor experience worth a day trip or more.

  • To improve access and safety for Crissy Field visitors, with smoother traffic flow, practical parking options, and safer ways for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel.

  • To preserve and enhance the value of the ecology and history of Crissy Field, with educational opportunities and insights that respect the richness of the place.

  • And to create a sustainable, well-designed space that’s durable, flexible, and easy to maintain in the decades to come.

To accomplish all this, we need your ideas and input. We want to know how you imagine yourself at Crissy Field. So, bring yourself, your family, and your friends to our fun events starting Fall 2018, where you’ll have many opportunities to share your thoughts.

Last updated: August 8, 2018

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