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Have fun and stay safe on the water

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By far the most popular activity in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is boating. On a private boat or a rental, almost two million visitors enjoy the deep turquoise waters of Lake Powell.

There are fees for your vessel in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

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Halls Crossing Marina

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Services and Locations

There are four marinas on Lake Powell, two of them with ramps where you can launch a private vessel. For the latest launching conditions check our Changing Lake Levels page. Services (like convenience stores and boat gas) and hours of operation vary at each marina.

Public Launch Ramps

  • Antelope Point Public

  • Wahweap Main

  • Wahweap State Line/Auxiliary

  • Halls Crossing

  • Bullfrog Main

  • Bullfrog North

Small sand colored building on dock with canyon wall behind
Floating restroom stations are provided to help you follow the rules of Lake Powell Pure


When You Need to Go

  • Plan ahead to keep Lake Powell Pure. Those camping on shorelines need a human sanitation device (portable toilet) that does not use plastic bags to contain the waste.

  • Digging a cat hole is not allowed because the area could be covered with water later, resulting in your human waste floating in the lake.

  • Don't dump your tank in the lake. There are floating restrooms/pumpout stations on Lake Powell. They are marked with a special icon on the park map. There are also boat pumpout or dump stations at many of the marinas.

Family in boat idles out of marina
Ensure you have all proper equipment before heading out.



All boaters must follow federal and state regulations and carry all required equipment on their vessels



Stay Safe!

Stay aware of your surroundings when you are on the water. Check out the Safety page before you embark.

Bow riding (sitting on the top front part of the boat) is illegal unless the boat is designed for people to ride in the bow section (the bow section will have seats).
Watch your limbs! Approaching a dock with your arm or leg to brace your vessel is not a great idea, unless your idea is to crush your fingers or toes.

Learn more about boating safety in the National Park Service.

Two boys seated on personal watercraft wearing helmets and life jackets
Play it safe and wear a helmet


Personal Watercraft

People on personal watercraft must wear a life jacket at all times regardless of their age. Read the personal watercraft regulations.

Children ages 12-17 who wish to operate a personal watercraft (PWC) in Utah must take a certification course in order to do so. Classes must be taken online through the Utah State Parks website.

PWC are not allowed on the Colorado River at Lees Ferry.

Man with power washer cleans underneath boat at park decontamination station
Get a thorough hot wash at a decontamination station. Don't forget to clean your anchor too!


Clean. Drain. Dry.

Because quagga mussels have been confirmed both above and below the dam, all boaters and fishermen must clean, drain, and dry their boats and all equipment after contact with these waters.

Educate yourself on the threats of aquatic invasive species (AIS) and state regulations in place to prevent their spread. In addition to ecological impacts, quagga mussels have devastating financial impacts on marina infrastructure and boats.

Do Your Part

Before launching
Ensure your watercraft and equipment are clean, drained, and free of aquatic hitchhikers.

Exiting Lake Powell

  • Remove debris when you pull your anchor

  • Pull your plugs and leave them out

  • Clean debris, then drain all water from engine and interior compartments. (A technician can assist you if the inspection station is open.)

  • Prepare for watercraft inspection—leave compartments open and accessible

  • Visit the NPS watercraft inspection and decontamination stations

Without proper decontamination, quagga mussels can clog internal systems on boats resulting in engine failure and boat fires. Check state regulations (AZ, CO, Utah) regarding mandatory dry times and decontamination. Check out these Lake Powell FAQs from the state of Utah.

The back end of a houseboat with a slide into water; marina in background
Rent a boat for a day or stay aboard for a week!


Boat Rentals & Tours

There is no need to feel left out if you do not have a boat of your own. There are two park consessioners who rent boats on Lake Powell.

There are also boat tour options for those that want to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Last updated: June 18, 2024

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