Glen Canyon National Recreation Area preserves and protects 1.2 million acres of the Colorado Plateau, a vast landscape of colorful buttes, mesas, canyons, and cliffs. Arid to semi-arid, the region supports a complex and often fragile ecosystem. Plants and wildlife have developed unique adaptations to the hot, arid conditions of their environment and contribute to the rich diversity of life in the area.

Spiny lizard with colorful pointed scales


Critters everywhere!

Bunch of bright cactus flowers on prickly pear


How does our garden grow?

Starry sky over Alstrom Point and Lake Powell below

Environmental Factors

Mussels, sedimentation, climate change, lightscapes, and other fun factors

curving light colored sandstone canyon under clear skies

Natural Features & Ecosystems

Swoopy rocks and hidden fossils


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