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Glacier Bay National Park is an excellent subject filled with amazing resources that may enhance your classroom studies. Check out the following links for curriculum, lesson plans, and other helpful tools to introduce your students to Alaska, National Parks, wilderness, and history.

A Glacier Bay ranger visits a classroom via videoconferencing equipment!
We can bring Alaska to YOU!

We bring Glacier Bay to your classroom!
Humpback whales, glaciers, history, wilderness and wildlife. Have you ever wanted to take your students into the wilds of Glacier Bay, Alaska, but your boat wasn't big enough? Well now our Park Rangers are ready to bring Glacier Bay directly to YOU.

seabirds curriculum

Glacier Bay National Park Curriculum Materials
Check out our exciting activities, education demos, and lesson plans. Bring the world of halibut, sea otters, underwater sound, seabirds, glaciers, and even whales to your classroom!

Middle School Scientist logo with a whale tail and glacier
Middle School Scientist Lessons
Introduce middle school students to Glacier Bay's researchers in this series of videos and lessons.
sea lions

Alaska Seas and Rivers Curriculum

Excellent standards based marine/aquatic science units for K-8.

Our Wild Neighbor

Our Wild Neighbors
Alaska Wildlife Activity Book
Take a look at this activity book filled with activities on Alaska's amazing animals.

Bear Aware coloring book

Bear Aware Activity Book

Become a bear expert and learn how to be safe in bear country with this 24-page booklet. PDF format

Alaska Studies curriculum

Alaska History & Cultural Studies
Fabulous Alaska Studies curriculum online. Six units covering the story of Alaska with extensive photos, letters, maps, oral history and other primary resources.

Pacific Salmon activity book

Pacific Salmon

Coloring/Activity Book

15 page activity book all about salmon. How do they live? What do they eat? Discover their fascinating life cycle.

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