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Visitor Use Monitoring

Why Monitor?

Glacier National Park has long realized the value of monitoring visitor use to help managers understand how the amount, timing, and location of recreational visitor use contributes to resource conditions and visitor experience in the park. Today, Glacier National Park is developing its own Visitor Use Management Program, with dedicated National Park Service staff leading a parkwide monitoring effort to study conditions on the park’s roadways, trails, and river systems.

Monitoring recreation use helps park managers understand trends over time. The information helps managers understand visitor experiences and resource impacts throughout the park. Analysis of the data informs management decisions regarding trail maintenance, patrols, wildlife management, and overall visitor experience.


Monitoring Highlights

Listen to a conversation with Dr. Susie Sidder, Glacier’s Visitor Use Management Program Manager, as she describes how visitation has changed and how managed access systems help address some of the related issues. Listen to the episode in full .

Last updated: September 7, 2023

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