We Will Rock You Song

We will – we will – rock you! We will – we will – rock you!
I was underneath the sea. (Pinch nose shut, raise one hand and sink down.)
I'm the oldest rock you see. (Bend over an imaginary cane and be old!)
Life decayed and layered me. (Hand over hand to mime layers.)
I am sedimentary! (Hands out in front and spread to sides like yeah, I’m cool.)

We will - we will - rock you! We will - we will - rock you!

Igneous is who I am. (Point to self with thumb.)
Magma is how I began. (Hands together, palms down, arching out in front of you like a lava flow…up and over.)
I'm a hot one, that’s the truth, (Lick finger tip, touch hip and make a sizzling hiss.)
I was molten in my youth! (Wiggle fingers out in front of you to mime boiling.)

We will, we will - rock you! We will - we will - rock you!

We think this is pretty neat, (Tap finger against side of head.)
Pressure, chemicals and heat, (Count off on 3 fingers so all can see.)
Change around our building blocks (One hand over other in circular motion…switch-overs.)
Into metamorphic rocks! (Mime molding clay with both hands.)

We will – we will – rock you! We will – we will – rock you! (End of simple song.)

Mudstone, limestone, sand and silt, (Count off 4 fingers.)
Plate tectonics thrust and built. (Palms down, hands flat, bring them towards each other until fingertips touch, then arch them up like a tent.)
Glacier Park and then of course, (Left hand out, palm up at side, followed by R.H. at other side.)
Glaciers were our carving force. (Mime carving/whittling left pointer finger with right pointer finger.)

We will, etc.

They scooped out these lakes so deep. (Scoop out with both hands.)
Sculp-ted these arêtes and peaks. (Rub stiff hands, palm to palm upward like you are building an arête.)
Left those gravel pile moraines. (Outline the contour of hills with one hand.)
After melting down the drain. (Stick pointer finger up and twirl downward like a drain whirlpool.)

We will, etc.


Last updated: August 1, 2016

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