Trail Rules Tune

Tune: Singin' in the Rain
Lyrics: Deb Gerace, Artist in Residence, 2008

I’m singin’ on the trail, just singin’ on the trail.
Compared to a grizz-ly, I’m tiny and frail.
Don’t want to surprise – those big hairy guys,
I’m singin’, just singin’ on the trail.

I’m packin’ in and out, just packin’ in and out.
The rule, without a doubt is - don’t spread your trash about.
If you’re on a hike, or even a bike,
At Glacier, just pack it in and out.

Take water on the trip, take more than just a drip.
The humi-dity is low here, you’ll need - several sips!
De-hy-drate and cramp – if you don’t stay damp,
Take water, more water on the trip!

Take along a friend, just take along a friend.
Be sure - to pick some-one on whom – you can depend.
If something goes wrong – you’ll be twice as strong.
Think ‘safety,’ and take along a friend.


Last updated: August 1, 2016

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