Columbian Ground Squirrel Song


Lyrics (and Movements)

Co-lumb-i-an ground squirrel pops up. (Kids jump up.)

Co-lumbian ground squirrel ducks down (Kids squat down.)

In Glacier he’s commonly found. (Kids shade forehead with hand and look around like scouts.)

His burrow’s a hole in the ground. (Make digging motions like an animal would.)

This squirrel has a call like a bird. (Make one loud high "Hey!" like a robin's chirp, if you haven't heard this squirrel.)

In Glacier, it's commonly heard. (Cup hand to ear and listen.)

His shout makes his neighbors alert, (Straighten up quickly - sit tall.)

And they all dive down in the dirt! (Duck down.)

His tail does not curl up his back. (Make that shape with your hand & shake your head ‘no.’)

No, it is not bushy and fat. (Make it with two fingers, like it's a skimpy little tail!)

If you search for him in a book, (Open your hands like a book.)

He has a real prairie dog look! (Sit up with paws out in front like a prairie dog guarding his den, which is just what this unusual squirrel does!)


Last updated: August 1, 2016

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