Plant Invaders Trunk

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Learn how to identify and manage invasive plants.


Whether it is seeing knapweed replacing native wildflowers in your favorite family camping spot, struggling to keep leafy spurge from taking over livestock range, or keeping thistles out of crop lands, invasive plants impact Montanans.

kNOweeds, K-12 MT Invasive Plant Curriculum Guide

Plant Invaders Trunk contains resources to help students learn about ecological and economic impacts of invasive weeds. Scientific plot surveys, investigations, and other activities teach students about noxious weeds in MT. These lessons are best suited for grades 3-5 but can be easily adapted for students in other grades.

Grades 3-5, but easily adapted to other levels

The Plant Invaders trunk contains resources necessary to complete a unit focusing on noxious weed and their impacts on native plant communities and on the people who live and recreate in Montana.

Lesson Plans
These curriculum-based lesson plans are designed for students in grades 3-5 and meets the requirements of the MT State Education Standards for science. However, it can be adapted easily for students in other grades and includes lessons and activities for math and English and language arts as well.


  • Montana's Noxious Weeds. Pokorny, M. and Mangold, J. 2010.
  • Invasive Plants of the Crown of the Continent. Belt, J. LaFleur, D. and Sladek, M. 2009.

Other Resources

  • Noxious weed fact cards
  • Posters of invasive weeds
  • Sample specimens of Glacier's invasive weeds
  • Clues for "Who's Who?" activity
  • Instructions for "Great Race for Survival" activity
  • Hand lenses

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