K-3, Unit One, Activity 2: "My World"

Students will map the places most familiar to them.

Grade Levels: K - 3

Time Required: 1 - 2 sessions

Subject Areas: geography, visual arts, language arts, life science


  • paper
  • colored markers


  1. Ask students if they think that their school, house or yard would look different to a flying bird than it looks to them. You may wish to have a confident student draw a picture of their desk as it looks to them -- and then how it looks to the flying bird. One is a picture and one is a "map".
  2. Have students map one or more of the following: their room at home, or the route they take to school. Have them label as many things as they can.
  3. Have a share time, when students can explain their map.
  4. Have them take their maps home with them and see if they wish to add anything to the maps or move something. Next day, have them share the changes.
  5. Ask them to think of their favorite animal, and map the place this animal lives. Include the things they think it will need to stay alive. Remember to make it a map, not a picture.

Variations and Extensions:

Have students make a group map of their schoolyard.


Self-contained in activity.

Last updated: November 3, 2017

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