K-3, Unit Four, Activity 1: "Goldilocks and the Real Bears"

black bear coloring book picture
black bear outline

Artist-in-Residence Helen Seay

Students compare the bears in the story to real bears.

Grade Levels: K-1
Time Required: about 1/2 hour
Subject Areas: language arts, life sciences


  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Pictures of Real Bears - black, grizzly, and polar (magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.)


  1. Read the story. Compare the pictures of the bears in the story to pictures of real bears. Compare their homes (black bear=dense forest, grizzly bear=open mountain sides, polar bear=arctic ice), food (black bear=grass, berries, insects; grizzly bear=grass, berries, roots, ground squirrels, insects; polar bear=seals, fish) and how they live.
  2. Give each student a large piece of paper. On one-half of the paper, have them draw the three bears in the story. On the other half, have them draw the real bears in their habitat.

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