4-6 Activities from the Glacier Teacher's Guide

Just as in the K-3 activities, the 4-6 activities focus on connections as illustrated in the journey of Pluie the wolf. The connections are not just biological. They are also economic, political, cultural and spiritual. For this reason, we have intentionally widened the scope of the units and activities to a trans- or cross-discipline approach, and an ecosystem perspective.

Along with the ecosystem focus, the 7 units of the 4-6 activities also include explanations and discussion of 5 of the other significant themes for why Glacier is protected as a national park- biodiversity, wilderness, Native American connections, International Peace Park designation, and geology.

Many of the activities in this section are from Work House, the Glacier Science Education and American Indian Curriculum.


Unit One: The Geography of Me

A geographic look at watersheds in the W-GIPP.
Unit One: Background and Introduction

  • Activity 1: You Are Here – mapping play places and fitting them into the W-GIPP watershed context .
  • Activity 2: Boundaries and People – mapping watersheds on large and small scale maps – including W-GIPP map.
  • Activity 3: Turning Parks into IslandsY2Y (Yukon to Yellowstone) -adapted activity that role-plays fragmentation issues around parks.

Unit Two: The Ice Spirits

From Work House, a Native American and geologic perspective on glaciers.
Unit Two: Background and Introduction

Unit Three: Our Medicine, Our Food

From Work House, Native American Plant lore and use.
Unit Three: Background and Introduction

Unit Four: Shared Spirits

From Work House, local people, animals and their environment.
Unit Four: Background and Introduction

Unit Five: Winter Wanderings

Winter, and adaptations to cold and snow.
Unit Five: Background and Introduction

Unit Six: Skyscrapers: Cities in the Old Growth

Studies in old growth forest.
Unit Six: Background and Introduction

Unit Seven: The Peace Park: A Climate Laboratory

Student research and climate studies in the W-GIPP.
Unit Seven: Background and Introduction

  • Activity 1: Climate Mime-it - climate concepts charades game.
  • Activity 2: Predicting the Future – probability exercise on prediction of future climate.
  • Activity 3: Puzzle It Out – art and puzzle exercise on climate interactions.
  • Activity 4: Carbon Cycle Capers – fast-moving tag game on the carbon cycle.
  • Activity 5: Village Research – holistic thinking field trip on the complexity of social and climate conditions.

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