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2023 Artists-in-Residence

Virginia Catherall - June 2023

Virginia Catherall is a knitting and textile artist whose work has a close affinity to the land. Her unique knitted textile art is inspired by the landscapes of the West. Many of her wearable landscapes and sculptures focus on interpreting the history, science, geography, and biology of an ecosystem within the traditional craft of knitting. Each work of art echoes something from the landscape. Whether it is color, texture, or form, the uniqueness of each piece makes the viewer or wearer more conscious of what the objects are and why they are wearing them—elevating Craft from a functional item to a conscious and deliberate work of art. And in seeing a work inspired by nature, come to learn, appreciate, and understand one element of a complex environment.

Ben Rusnak - July 2023

Award-winning photographer Ben Rusnak found himself capturing his wife mentally rebounding from breast cancer and traumatic brain injury during his artist-in-residency at Capitol Reef National Park. From a dark, narrow slot canyon below, she climbed through a tight opening—reborn in the luminous light of the wider gulch. This is where his message of wilderness restoring the raw human spirit evolved, as well as residencies at Zion and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks. At Glacier, Ben’s soulful images will encompass visitors healing from their own traumas. His mission is helping visitors discover the transformative power of nature to not only preserve themselves, but also our national parks. Watch for guided photo hikes and interactive presentations about the intertwined and symbiotic relationship between Americans and our parks.

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