Current Artist-in-Residence

Each artist will pursue their work while in the park, and then engage and inspire the public through an outreach program. Be sure to check the Calendar to find out about demonstrations, talks, exploratory walks, or performances by our artists.

Matthew Dickerson
June 6 - July 1

Matthew is a narrative non-fiction nature and outdoors writer. In addition to his recent books Trout in the Desert and Downstream: Reflections on Brook Trout, Fly Fishing, and the Waters of Appalachia, he has also written for literary magazines, journals of eco-poetics, fly-fishing magazines, newspapers, and web publications. His works also include historical novels, fantasy novels, and books exploring environmental aspects of the works of J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S.Lewis. He is particularly interested is the past, present, and future of native cutthroat trout and their habitat: how unique features of the northern Rockies impacted their colonization, how they co-adapted with other creatures in their local ecosystems, and the impacts to their future survival by current environmental threats.

Laura Burlis
July 11 - August 8

Laura will complete a series of polymer clay landscapes, based on the varied ecosystems and biospheres found within the park. Many of the design elements in her work are formed from millefiori canes, which are 3-D logs created with the design inside so that when it is sliced it reveals a 2-D pattern, whether leaves on a tree or feathers on a bird. The act of slicing through the many different colored layers of clay is akin to slicing through the geological layers of rock that make up the framework of the planet, and are so evident in Glacier National Park. Her goal for this residency is to use her art to illuminate that connectedness, and thus respect for nature and peoples, to the visitors.

Meg Leonard
September 4 - 29

Glacier National Park is known for its grandeur. Meg wants to give equal importance to the minute details in an interplay of scale. She is captivated by light, relationships of colors, or a brief, crystalline moment in the midst of change. Music or bird songs provide rhythm and tone. Her landscape paintings in oil and pastel are derived from developing the most compelling quality of the moment.

Pamela Haunschild
October 2 - 27

Pam is a painter of nature and wildlife. She works hard to develop paintings that speak to the beauty of our natural world and increase the desire of viewers to preserve that beauty. She will use her time at Glacier to paint images of endangered or threatened species, whether threatened through habitat loss or from the effects of the melting glaciers. The resulting paintings will be colorful, highly textured, and semi-abstract, but the natural forms can still be identified.

Linda Beach
October 2 - 27

Linda’s artist project will be a series of art quilts featuring the different species of trees within the park and the particular role each of these species plays within their ecosystems as well as the challenges they face. She will explore the park, seeking out the various tree species and learning in more detail the challenges each of these species faces within the park. From this knowledge and the inspiration she finds in her explorations of the park, she would create her series of work.

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