Current Artist-in-Residence

Each artist will pursue their work while in the park, and then engage and inspire the public through an outreach program. Be sure to check the Calendar to find out about demonstrations, talks, exploratory walks, or performances by our artist

Matthew Harrison (June 4 -June 29)

Matthew is a vocal music specialist who plans to translate the epic landscapes and rich local culture into choral literature for all ages. Through choral music, students can be metaphorically transported to the park and experience the sights and sounds through their active engagement with music written in Glacier for Glacier. He believes when people can stand shoulder to shoulder with one another and experience the inherent beauty of creating harmony, a powerful force awakens for good in a world that needs more empathy.

Emily McIlroy (July 9- August 3)

Emily uses the practice of drawing and painting as a means of connecting inner and outer landscapes. Her work explores forces and life forms of the natural world as metaphors for human emotional experience, and points to the radical ways we are interrelated with our environment. During her residency, she will focus on the act of walking as part of her artistic process. Responding to Glacier’s wilderness through the creation of images and text, she will compose an aesthetic field guide that aims to connect visitors with their passage through the park.

Meg Leonard (September 3 –28)

Glacier National Park is known for its grandeur. Meg wants to give equal importance to the minute details in an interplay of scale. She is captivated by light, relationships of colors, or a brief, crystalline moment in the midst of change. Music or bird songs provide rhythm and tone. Her landscape paintings in oil and pastel are derived from developing the most compelling quality of the moment. Meg hopes to explore climate change, melting glaciers and residual ice fields, looking for revealed patterns and colors as ice melts into streams and lakes. She will share her process with others on trails and during campfire chats.

Jamie McHugh (October 1 – 26)

Jamie is a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on the interplay between the inner landscape of the human body and the outer landscape – or larger body – of the natural world. His photographic and video work, primarily generated on the northern California coast, centers on the varying forms, qualities and movements of water to create inner coherence in the viewer. He is thrilled to immerse himself in the Glacier Park ecosystem to discover all that a new, unique terrain can inspire and generate.

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