Data Collection, Exporting and Importing into Shape File

Needed softwares:
1) Waypoint + (or Map Source, etc.)
2) Avgarmin.avx  (ArcView Import Extension)
3) GPilotS PalmPilot (ver 4.3) software (optional)

To Collect Track Data :

- Point data should be collected as a waypoint (if possible, average 180 points).

- Line and Polygon data will be collected as the "active" tracklog. Do not "save" the active track on the Garmin to another saved track. If you do this the receiver will reduce the number of points in you track so that it can  save on memory and this will ruin your file. USE ACTIVE TRACK ONLY FOR DATA COLLECTION.

*** Remember that you have 1900 track points available before you fill up the memory. There are 3600 seconds in an hour, so if you collect a point every second you will fill your memory with just over 30 minutes of collect time. A point every 2 seconds = 1 hour of collection time, 5 seconds = 2.5 hours and so on. If you are collecting data in a helicopter or automobile you can cover a lot of ground in 5 seconds so make the time selection carefully. If you need additional data storage memory you can use a palmpilot and GPilotS (ver 4.3) software to store your field data on. GPilotS allows your Palm to emulate a Garmin so that PC software "sees" Palm as a Garmin receiver and allows to you dump from it to the PC. In addition, with GPilotS you can place your tracklogs into categories, view your tracklogs and chose which categories to dump. I have had problems with newer versions of this software but 4.3 seems to work fine. ANOTHER NOTE: If you plan to use a PalmPilot with WAYPOINT +, you will need to increase the buffer size that the software is set up to use. This is done very simply. Open the "waypoint.ini" file in notepad (or the text editor of your choice). The file can be found in your WINDOWS subdirectory on your workstation. Change the "wssize=4000000" to "wssize=10000000", save and close the file. This will allow you to download more data into the computer than you could previously.

Downloading Track (or Waypoint) Data:

Input into ArcView:

Congratulations! You have successfully collected, downloaded, exported, imported and created a shape file from your data.