Tools and Data

Geospatial Data Standards help ensure that data used to report on the status of NPS assets is accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, the subsequent aggregation of data on an enterprise level enables the NPS to make better data-driven decisions at the Park, Region, and National levels.

Data Resources
NPS Open Data: Download and explore several categories of National Park Service Data, as well as featured NPS Maps

IRMA: The Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA) Portal provides easy access to National Park Service applications that manage and deliver resource information to parks, partners and the public. Hosts the NPS Data Store containing a variety of data available to download.

National Park Service Datasets: Browse the items in this group to locate Authoritative and Trusted/Managed Servicewide National Park Service (NPS) Datasets.

TractsNet AGOL Public: Access to NPS authoritative legislative boundary and ownership GIS data maintained by the Land Resources Division.

Live Weather and Air Quality Data: Explore park and park sponsored monitoring locations.

NPGallery: A comprehensive library of NPS images, video, audio, maps, presentations, documents and more.

NPS Story Map Gallery: Story maps combine spatial data with multimedia content (such as text, photos, video, and audio) into an tailored user experience.

NPS Data API: The NPS Data API allows official, authoritative data and content to be used not only on but also by internal and external developers in apps, maps, and websites.

RISD Public REST Services Directory: This is a REST endpoint for consumption of public ArcGIS Server web services.

NPS Cultural Resource Spatial Data Transfer Standards
The National Park Service Cultural Resource Spatial Data Transfer Standards are intended to provide a framework for organizing our cultural resource spatial data, documenting its lineage and facilitating data integration as well as data sharing.

Common Data Standards
NPS Core Spatial Data Standard (08/10/2016)
NPS Road Spatial Data Standard (12/18/2017)
NPS Trail Spatial Data Standard (03/02/2017
NPS Building Spatial Data Standard (04/10/2018)

Data Disclaimers
Data Disclaimers for NPS

Last updated: October 21, 2021