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Technical Applications
  • AlaskaPak -- Toolkit for ArcGIS
    The AlaskaPak toolkit is a collection of tools for use with ESRI's ArcMap desktop GIS. These tools are designed to augment the functionality of ArcMap by providing easy to use tools for many common tasks performed by resource managers, GIS technicians and other scientists. AlaskaPak is implemented as an ArcMap Toolbar through a dynamically linked library (.dll) file. These tools, help documents, and associated files were developed by Greg Daniels, Alaska Regional Office (AKRO) of the National Park Service. An Arcview 3.x version can also be found at AlaskaPak for ArcView3.x
  • ArcGIS to Access Link
    The ArcGIS to Access Link provides a connection between spatial data in an ArcGIS map and tabular data in an Access database. This link allows you to shift between these two products to view related data in both spatial and tabular formats. ArcGIS to Access was developed by Angie Southwould of the Alaska Regional Office of the National Park Service. An Arcview 3.x version can also be found at ArcView to Access 3.x
  • GIS Theme Manager
    The NPS Theme Manager was developed to provide GIS administrators a method of organizing, managing and presenting large amounts of GIS data to users of ArcGIS. It is intended as an alternative to the "file based" ArcCatalog method of data management. Theme Manager uses an MS Access Database to connect together datasets, linked documents, symbology, and display settings in a hierarchical structure while not affecting the underlying data storage structure. As a result, users are presented a simple, consistent, and quick way to browse, search and access available datasets. Theme Manager is a standalone application that can be launched from an ArcMap toolbar or from the Windows Start Menu. Themes (aka data layers) are organized hierarchical structures called lists, for quick and easy browsing and access. Users can create theme lists to use or share with others, or access theme lists developed by data managers. Theme Manager was developed by Greg Daniels of the Alaska Regional Office of the National Park Service.
  • CAD to GIS Guide
    A step-By-Step Guide to converting .dwg CAD filed to GIS shapefiles (using autoCAD 2002 & ArcGIS 8.3.
  • GIS for Facilities Management in PPT Format (3MB)
  • SAM Extention for ArcView 3.2 or higher
    The Sensitive Area Model, or SAM, is a spatial analysis tool that allows multiple-theme overlays, theme buffering, and weighting of input themes to analyze sensitive resource areas within National Park Service units. The model was previously known as the Quiet Places initiative during its prototype development. The Quiet Places effort intended to support three related yet independent topics of concern to the NPS Soundscape Management program: 1) Air Tour Management Planning (ATMP); 2) implementation of soundscape management per Director's Order 47; and 3) the delineation of Military Operation Areas (MOA). While SAM has been developed with soundscape management issues in mind, this tool has utility beyond soundscape-related issues. Spatial and temporal modeling is made relatively easy through the model interface and park managers should as a result find opportunities to address other resource management questions using this tool.