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Numbers on the the park map correspond with the areas of interest below.

Stop 1: The Birthplace Monument
Stop 1: The Birthplace Monument

Learn more about the history surrounding the Birthplace Monument.

Sunset over Popes Creek
Stop 2: Popes Creek Trail

Discover how Native Americans and the Washingtons adapted to the area around Popes Creek.

Historic image of the colonial kitchen and memorial house museum being built
Stop 3: Memorial Area

Read about the Colonial Revival movement that led to the creation of George Washington's birthplace.

Stop 4: The 2022 archeological dig of Building X.
Stop 4: Building X

Discover one of the park's greatest mysteries.

Birdhouse in center of the colonial garden
Stop 5: Colonial Revival Garden

Planned and created during the Colonial Revival period in 1930, the garden today is maintained by the Northern Neck Master Gardeners.

Blueprint of the Memorial House Museum
Stop 6: Memorial House Museum

Learn about the decade-long controversial effort to build a Memorial House honoring George Washington at his birthplace.

Stop 7: Rockefeller Barn
Stop 7: Rockefeller Barn

Discover John D. Rockefeller Jr.'s involvement with the creation of the park.

Two horses in the snow in the pasture
Stop 8: Animal Pastures

Learn about the livestock in the park.

John Washington Seal
Stop 9: John Washington House Site

John Washington House Site

Stop 10: Washington Family Burial Ground
Stop 10: Washington Family Burial Ground

Stop 10: Washington Family Burial Ground

Stop 11: Potomac River Beach
Stop 11: Potomac River Beach

Learn about the Washington family and their involvement in Atlantic World trade from their wharf on the Potomac River.

Stop 12: The Log House
Stop 12: The Log House

The Log House was originally designed to offer refreshment and overnight accommodations to park visitors.

Last updated: September 21, 2023

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