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vAn application for special use of park grounds (NPS Form 10-930s) must be completed, signed, and returned to the park office. A three-week lead time is requested, Five days is minimum.

§Applicant name - Please list the individual applying for the permit. (This does not have to be the bride or the groom.)

§Do not include a social security number, even though there is a line for that information on the form.

§Write a brief description of planned setup including such things as chairs, tables, arches, and decorations. A rough estimate is fine and, if things change, please contact the park official so that the permit may be adapted. If using a rental company, please list the name of that company.

§Include the desired location within the park. (See information below)

vA permit will be created by the park's special use coordinator.

vWhen the permit is ready notification will be sent. There is a $50 processing fee which is due when the permit is picked up. (Please note that this fee is non-refundable.) The permit is not valid until the fee has been paid. Although the application has a segment which seeks information pertaining to credit cards, please do not complete that segment.

vProof of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the park as an additional insured is mandatory. (This is available from your regular homeowners or renters insurance provider.) This document must be submitted to park officials before the event date. (The permit is not valid without this document.) Proof of $1 million liability insurance policy is mandatory. The George Rogers Clark National Historical Park must be listed on the policy as an additional insured entity or as the certificate holder. This type of policy is available through the applicant’s regular homeowner's or renter's insurance provider.


vOnly one permit for a wedding or an event is typically issued for any single day. That day will not be reserved for any wedding until the above process is completed.

vNumerous events take place on or near park grounds throughout the year. The park staff will make an effort to inform you of events, which are scheduled for the same day as your planned wedding. There is no guarantee that other activities will not occur on the same day. It is suggested that you contact the Vincennes/Knox County Convention & Visitors Bureau (812-886-0400) and the Knox County Chamber of Commerce (812-882-6440) to inquire about planned events which may be scheduled on your chosen date.


v Barnett sidewalk (located between Second St. and the memorial) is the most common location for weddings on park grounds. Weddings at this location may be scheduled for any time of day.

v Front of the memorial, including steps and mall area, may be used for weddings. However, services on the memorial steps or immediately in front of the steps are permissible only after 5 p.m.

v Other locations in the park may be used. Please be specific and work out details with the park's special use coordinator. Take into account the location of the sun at the time and date of your wedding. If considering the north end of the park, please be aware of the traffic noises on Vigo Street.


vNo electrical power is available on park grounds (except on Patrick Henry Square). The use of generators is allowed, but may not be placed directly on the lawn, nor upon neighboring property.

vThe park visitor center may not be used as a changing area or gathering area during operating hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time). No facilities are available on grounds for these activities. A motor home/trailer may be parked along Second Street adjacent to the park for those wanting to provide their own changing facilities. Please do not park any vehicle so as to block the sidewalk leading to the memorial.

vNo restroom facilities are available on grounds after 5 p.m. The park visitor center may be available after 5 p.m. for such activities as changing, socializing, and utilization of restrooms. An additional charge of $50 per hour is charged. This must be arranged prior to the event and is dependent upon the availability of park staff.)

vThe parking area will be available for use by participants and guests even after the standard closure time of 5 p.m.


vIt is possible to bring vehicles onto park grounds to unload equipment and supplies. Depending on the desired location, the park has designated routes of access. Please speak with park staff about the preferred route to reach the wedding site. Vehicles should be removed as soon as unloading is completed.

Rules for wedding planners:

vDecorations may not be attached to any cultural or natural object, bench, handrail, fence, shrub, tree or other park property.

vThe area will be left in the same condition as found. Any damage to park property by, or as a result of the permit holder, will be replaced or repaired at the cost of the permit holder.

vAny activities that are not specifically mentioned in the permit would require additional permission from the park superintendent.

vA wedding tent is permissible on the south lawn only and must be set up and removed the same day as the wedding. Permission for this activity must be included in the permit.

vMusic may be played at any given time during the daylight hours, so long as the volume is kept at a respectful level. This means that the sound may be heard only within the immediate area in which the event is being conducted. Also, an amplifier (speaker) may be used.

vOnly bird seed (no rice) may be thrown.

vBetween 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., Saturdays, do not park along the streets in front of the Old Cathedral (adjacent to the park grounds).

vClean-up must be completed the same day as the event. The permit holder is responsible for removal of all trash generated by the event.

vBalloons may NOT be released on National Park Service property.

  • Other regulations, conditions, or permissions may apply to a permit and are listed on the permit. An application may be printed here and mailed to:


George Rogers Clark NHP

401 S. Second Street

Vincennes, IN 47591.


Completed form can be returned to:

George Rogers Clark NHP Visitor Center

401 S. Second Street

Vincennes, IN 47591

For more information contact the park at (812) 882-1776 ext. 1210

Last updated: December 7, 2018

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