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Parks are dynamic places. Keep up with Gateway via our recent news and press releases, our photos and multimedia and through social media outlets Facebook and Instagram.

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At Gateway, find history and culture and nature in the same places. Forts which defended New York Harbor now preserve nearby coastal areas. More than 300 species of birds on the Atlantic Flyway visit former airfields and landfills, now transformed into wildlife habitats and recreation areas.

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At a national park like Gateway, education means hands-on experiences with park resources. Learn what Gateway offers to teachers and students. Kids and youth can enjoy the park while learning at the same time.

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Gateway is a complex urban park, preserving 27,000 acres of land and sea across two states and three New York City boroughs. Learn about the park's laws and policies, the science and research behind its decisions, its management choices as well as upcoming leasing and business opportunities.


Last updated: August 4, 2020

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