Order of Battle Chancellorsville Confederate High Command and 1st Corps

Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee

First Corps Army of Northern Virginia:

Lieutenant General James (Pete) Longstreet (Detached Duty, Suffolk Va)
First Corps Commanded by Robert E. Lee During Battle

McLaws Division:
Major General Lafayette McLaws

Wofford's Brigade:
Brigadier General William Wofford

16th Georgia (Sallie Twiggs Regiment): Col. Goode Bryan
18th Georgia (Savannah Volunteer Guards): Col. S.Z. Ruff
24th Georgia: Col. Robert McMillan
Cobb's Georgia Legion: Lieut. Col. Luther Glenn
Phillips' Georgia Legion: Lieut. Col. E.S. Barclay, Jr.

Semmes' Brigade:
Brigadier General Paul Semmes

10th Georgia: Lieut. Col. Willis C. Holt
50th Georgia: Lieut. Col. Francis Kearse
51st Georgia:
Col. W. M. Slaughter (mw)
Lieut. Col. Edward Ball (w)
53rd Georgia: Col. James Simms

Kershaw' s Brigade:
Brigadier General Joseph Kershaw

2nd South Carolina (2nd Palmetto Regiment): Col. John D. Kennedy
3rd South Carolina: Maj. Robert C. Maffett
7th South Carolina (Enfield Rifles): Col. Elbert Bland
8th South Carolina: Col. John W. Henagan
15th South Carolina: Lieut. Col. Joseph F. Gist
3rd South Carolina Battalion (Laurens Battalion): Lieut. Col. William G. Rice

Barksdale's Brigade:
Brigadier General William Barksdale

13th Mississippi: Col. J. W. Carter
17th Mississippi: Col. W. D. Holder
18th Mississippi: Col. Thomas Griffin (c)
21st Mississippi: Col. Benjamin G. Humphreys

Cabell’s Battalion:
Colonel Henry Cabell

Carlton’s Troup Artillery (Georgia) Battery: Capt. Henry Carlton
Fraser's Pulaski (Georgia) Battery: Capt. John Fraser
1st Company Richmond Howitzers McCarthy's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Edward McCarthy
Manly's North Carolina Battery: Capt. Basil Manly

Anderson’s Division:
Major General Richard Anderson

Wilcox's Brigade:
Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox

8th Alabama:
Col. Y. L. Royston (w)
Lieut. Col. H. A. Herbert
9th Alabama: Maj. J. H. J. Williams
10th Alabama: Col. William H. Forney
11th Alabama: Col. J. C. C. Sanders
14th Alabama: Col. L. Pinckard (w)

Wright's Brigade:
Brigadier General Ambrose (Rans) Wright

3rd Georgia:
Maj. John F. Jones (w)
Capt. Charles Andrews
22nd Georgia: Lieut. Col. Joseph Wasden
48th Georgia: Lieut. Col. Reuben. W. Carswell
2nd Georgia Battalion: Maj. George Ross

Mahone' s Brigade.
Brigadier General William (Little Billy) Mahone

6th Virginia: Col. George T. Rogers
12th Virginia: Lieut. Col. Edward M. Field
16th Virginia: Lieut. Col. R. O. Whitehead
41st Virginia: Col. William Allen Parham
61st Virginia: Col. Virginius D. Groner

Posey's Brigade:
Brigadier General Carnot Posey

12th Mississippi:
Lieut. Col. Merry B. Harris (w)
Maj. Samuel B. Thomas.
16th Mississippi: Col. Samuel E. Baker
19th Mississippi: Col. Nathaniel. H. Harris
48th Mississippi: Col. Joseph M. Jayne (w)

Perry's Brigade:
Brigadier General Edward Perry

2nd Florida: Maj. Walton R. Moore (w)
5th Florida: Maj. Benjamin Davis (w)
8th Florida: Col. David Lang

Garnett’s Artillery Battalion:
Lieutenant Colonel John Garnett
Major Robert Hardaway

Grandy's Norfolk (Virginia) Blues Battery: Capt. C.R. Grandy
Lewis' Pittsylvania (Virginia) Battery: Lt. Nathan Penick
Maurin's Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Battery: Capt. Victor Maurin
Moore's Norfolk (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Joseph Moore

First Corps Artillery Reserve:

Alexander' s Battalion:
Colonel Edward Porter Alexander

Eubank's Bath (Virginia) Battery: Lieut. Osmond Taylor
Jordan's Bedford (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Tyler Jordan
Moody's Madison (Louisiana) Battery: Capt. George Moody
Parker's Richmond Battery (Virginia) Battery: Capt. William Parker
Rhett's Brooks (South Carolina) Battery: Capt. A.B. Rhett
Woolfolk's Ashland (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.

Washington(Louisiana) Artillery Battalion:
Colonel James Walton

Squires First Company: Capt. Charles Squires (c)
Lt. C.H.C. Brown

Richardson’s Second Company: Capt. John Richardson
Miller’s Third Company: Capt. Merritt Miller
Eshleman’s Fourth Company: Capt. Benjamin Eshleman

Second Army Corps.
Confederate Cavalry Division.

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