Woodward Estate

Woodward plan

Plan #03223-C-152-pt1, Olmsted Archives

George and Gertrude Woodward set up their home "Krisheim" near Philadelphia, PA. Their house was in an English Tudor style designed by the architecture firm Peabody and Stearns. For the grounds, they hired Olmsted Brothers to design the landscape and a terraced garden for Krisheim.

Boy Fountain

One of the features of Krisheim's garden was a fountain of a boy nestled into a niche (see blueprint of the plan to the right). During the summer of 1912, Johan Selmer-Larsen carved a model of the figure, shown below. Notice how he refined features such as the hair between the unfinished and finished version of the model.
Niche models

Olmsted Archives


Next, the model was cast and placed into the terrace. The Woodwards could sit on the benches on either side and enjoy the fountain.

Woodward terrace showing figurine

Left: Photo #3223-104, cropped, 1913; Right: Photo #3223-105, 1913, Olmsted Archives


Selmer-Larsen designed other garden features for the Woodwards. To see one of them, follow the link to the next page below.

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