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Krisheim Bench

Before he began to sculpt, Selmer-Larsen often planned out his ideas in sketches. In this case, he drew several different versions of his ideas for the back of a garden bench. All designs incorporated a poem about Krisheim, but the details and compositions differed.

Larsen sketch of a farmer and cow

Plan #3223-169-pa1, Olmsted Archives

In the plan to the right, Selmer-Larsen demonstrates his skill with a pencil. In the middle of this design he drew a farmer and cow between the poem's lines. However, in later sketches, he decided that he did not want figures breaking up the poem.

Below you see another plan showing the design of the bench. Below that is the final version engraved by Selmer-Larsen. How did he illustrate the poem through his design?

Plan of bench showing words surrounded by trees

Plan #3223-172-A, 1915, Olmsted Archives

Krisheim bench

Photo #3223-125, 1916, Olmsted Archives


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