J. E. Aldred Estate

flower box model

Photo #5578-532, Olmsted Archives

Flower Boxes

Selmer-Larsen also designed several flower boxes for the Aldred estate. Many of them incorporated stylized natural imagery.

Below is a flower box model in the shop and the finished version in the garden.

flower box model and finished version in garden

Top: Photo #5578-530; Bottom: Photo #5578-553, cropped, Olmsted Archives

Design Costs

We can learn more about what Selmer-Larsen's designs cost from the photo below. Clients were billed for both labor time and materials. More intricate projects would also be more expensive. In 1917 Selmer-Larsen charged $120 to make a mold for a bird bath. The client would also have to pick up an additional cost to have the models cast in material such as cement.
Flower box model with costs written on photo
Selmer-Larsen designed this flower box for homeowner G. M. Lane.

Job #00273, Olmsted Archives


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