Fort Tryon Park: General Plan

Frederick Law Olmsted and the firm's later senior partners often did not draft final plans. Rather, they generated broad concepts for landscape designs. General plans were drawn by the firm's draftsmen.
The Olmsted firm valued accuracy. All plans would be checked twice, by two different employees, before being mailed to a client. Oftentimes, an explanatory report would be sent to clients along with the general plan. This report would explain, in writing, the principles, ideas, and objectives behind the design.
Fort Tryon Park General Plan
The general plan for Fort Tryon Park.

Olmsted Archives, Job #00529

Fort Tryon's general plan illustrated the general locations of trees and plants, lawns, structures, terraces, promenades, roads, and paths.

Finally, after a general plan was finalized, working plans such as architectural and engineering drawings were made.

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