Course Requirements & Grading


With ten course sessions spread over three months of Winter Term 2013, it is critically important that students attend each scheduled class. Attendance is required at all sessions. If extenuating and/or emergency circumstances arise, unavoidable absence can only be approved by me prior to class. Attendance is absolutely mandatory for the first and final sessions.

Class participation and contribution to group discussion (20%)

Participating in group discussions and collaborative work means that students should contribute ideas, insights, questions, experience with and knowledge of class topics that help to clarify and advance the subject under discussion. It also means that students should come to class prepared for discussion and have a thorough understanding of any assigned readings or reviews.

Research & Writing Assignments (30%)

Students will be tasked with at least two short research and writing assignments. These may include perspectives on background readings, analyses of supplemental media, or interviews. In addition, each student will provide written feedback for the mid-course presentations of each fellow classmate.

Presentations (10%)

Each student will be responsible for two presentations: a mid-course and a final presentation. Audience will include NPS professionals.

Final Project (40%)

Each student will create content for a professional, edited document prepared by the class and presented to the NPS in digital format. This will include written text and photographs, and may include additional media in audio or video formats. Additional guidance on the project will be provided throughout the quarter.


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