Seasonal Weather in Western Kansas

Spring (March - May)
Close up of three yellow flowers.
Kansas sunflowers announce Spring.

NPS/Nathan King

Springtime in western Kansas can still be fairly chilly with daytime temperatures in the 50s and 60s (10 to 18C) and overnight lows in the 30s and 40s (0 to 5C).
Summer (June - August)
U.S. flag on tall flag pole.  Two sandstone buildings in background on either side of flagpole.
Summertime in Kansas means lots of sunshine.


Daytime temperatures range from the 90s up to 100 or above (32 - 37C). It is not unusual to have extended periods of temperatures in the 100 or above range (over 37C). The temperature does drop somewhat overnight with the average highs in the mid to upper 60s (18C).
Fall (September - November)
Tree with yellow leaves through a doorway.
Fall can be a colorful time of year at Fort Larned.

NPS/Celeste Dixon

September and October can still be fairly hot with average daytime highs in the 80s and 70s (26 to 21C) and overnight lows in the mid-50s and 40s (10 to 4C). November is much cooler with daytime highs in the mid-50s (13C) and night time lows near 30 (-1C).
Winter (December - February)
View of snow covered open area with flag pole in the middle and sandstone buildings in the background.
Winter can be a lonely on the plains.

NPS/Celeste Dixon

Winters can be fairly cold in western Kansas. The average daytime temperature is 45F (7C). While overnight temperatures can reach 0F (-18C) or below, the average low is 12F (-5C).

Last updated: May 5, 2015

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