Grierson Letter of Endorsement

[Letter of Endorsement from Col. Grierson]

Headquarters 10th U.S. Cavalry
Fort Sill, Ind. Ter
December 12th, 1870

Captain Nicholas Nolan
10th Cavalry


Having received notice of your being ordered before the Board at Washington to answer allegations of unfitness, I take this occasion to bear testimony to your worth and efficiency.
You were one of the first Officers to report for duty upon the organization of the regiment and assigned to command of the first troop organized; and so far as I know, as your Regimental Commander, you have at all times been present with your company for duty.
The files at these Headquarters indicate that your returns have been promptly rendered, and have invariably been found correct.

You are conversant with the duties of a Cavalry Officer, energetic and efficient; and I am aware that you performed good service during the war.

I do not know of any reason why you should be ordered before the Board.
Hoping that you will be able to fully vindicate yourself,

I remain,
Yours Truly,
B.H. Grierson [Signature - looks like it might be a stamped signature, or done with different ink since it’s much lighter than the rest of the document]

Vol. 10th Cavly,
Comd’g Regiment

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