Adult Living History Interpreter

Adult Interpretive volunteers will take part in the park living history program, portraying military or civilian inhabitants of Fort Larned during the post-Civil War period. The position requires wearing period correct clothing and working in adverse weather conditions, such as excessive heat or cold. The volunteer will also be required to communicate historical information to the visitors with a high degree of accuracy.

All living history volunteers should present programs, both formal and informal, in a well-organized and thematic manner. Programs should include a safety message (if appropriate) as well as a resources protection message. All programs should be balanced, presenting multiple points of view, and educational.

  • Military roles include infantry or cavalry soldier, non-commissioned officer, officer, baker, trumpeter, musician, hospital steward, surgeon, farrier, saddler and striker.
  • Male Civilian roles include scout, clerk, blacksmith, carpenter, saddler, laborer, farmer, rancher, teamster, Indian agent, Indian, freighter, doctor, pastor/priest, cook, and servant.
  • Female Civilian roles include officer's or non-commissioned officer's, or soldier's wife, laundress, nurse, Indian, cook, and servant.

Last updated: July 22, 2020

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