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oglethorpe statue
James E. Oglethorpe 1696-1785
From New Georgia Encyclopedia Online
The founder of Georgia was a visionary, social reformer and military leader. He established many colonial towns including: Savannah, Frederica, and Ebenezer, while building many forts along Georgia's coast.

georgia trustees

Trustee Georgia, 1732-1752
From New Georgia Encyclopedia Online
The first 20 years of Georgia history are referred to as Trustee Georgia, because a Board of Trustees governed the colony. King George II signed a charter establishing Georgia and its governing board on April 21, 1732.

From New Georgia Encyclopedia Online
Founded in 1733 by colonists led by James Edward Oglethorpe, Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and one of the outstanding examples of eighteenth-century town planning in North America.

Highlanders of Darien, Georgia
From New Georgia Encyclopedia Online
Darien was founded in 1736 by Scottish Highlanders from Inverness, who were recruited by General James Oglethorpe to help defend the colony. The Scots were highly capable soldiers, among the finest in the world.
salzburger man
Salzburgers of Ebenezer, Georgia
From New Georgia Encyclopedia Online
Ebenezer was the town for Georgia's first religious refugees. James Oglethorpe offered persecuted Protestants from Salzburg (in present-day Austria) refuge in his colony of Georgia. These germanic immigrants were the agricultural backbone of the colony.

creek indians
Creek Indians
From New Georgia Encyclopedia Online
For most of Georgia's colonial period, Creeks outnumbered European colonists and occupied more land than these newcomers. Not until the 1760s did the Creeks become a minority population in Georgia.

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