Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people lived here? Approximately 800-1000 people at its peak.

2. Who’s buried in the cemetery? It is unknown who is buried in the cemetery and how many people are buried in it.

3. Who is Oglethorpe? James E. Oglethorpe was the founder of Georgia and Frederica

4. What is Frederica’s time period? 1736-1758

5. Where did the Wesley’s preach? There was no church in Frederica town, so they preached under the trees and occasionally in the store house.

6. Who were the Indians that lived here? During Frederica’s time, it was the Yamacraw, a group of Creeks.

7. Were the English the first to live here? No, Spanish Missionaries and Gualdalquini Indians lived here prior to the British.

8. Why is the fort on this side of the island? It was very easy to defend the fort, situated on a bend in the Frederica River.

9. Were the trees here at that time? No, the land had been cleared previously by the Indians.

10. What type of orange tree is planted at Frederica? Seville

11. What is Spanish moss? An air plant related to the pineapple

12. What is Bloody Marsh? One of two battles which took place July 7, 1742 on. It was a British victory.

13. Who is Frederica? The town and fort were named after Frederick the Prince of Wales.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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