Hiking Trails

Historic Quarry Trail

Hiking the 2.5 mile Historic Quarry Trail is a great way to experience the geology of Fossil Butte National Monument. The trail passes through parts of the Wasatch and Green River formations. A short side loop leads to the site of a historic fossil quarry on Fossil Butte. Wayside exhibits provide information about geology, area history, wildlife and plants of the high desert. The trail is moderately strenuous with a 200m (600') elevation gain. Allow 1.5-3 hours to hike the trail.

map of Historic Quarry Trail

Nature Trail The 1.5-mile Nature Trail winds through sagebrush and a spring-fed aspen forest. Be sure to watch for wildlife as you hike this trail. Wayside exhibits interpret the wildlife, plants, and geology of this high desert oasis. The trail has an elevation gain of 90m (300'). Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour to hike the trail.

map of Chicken Creek Nature Trail (previously Fossil Lake Trail)

Road Hiking

Visitors are invited to hike two-track dirt roads in the north half of Fossil Butte National Monument. Two roads (1–mile each, one way) access scenic overlooks on the east side of Cundick Ridge. The Ruby Point road (1.5 miles, one way) leads to an overlook to the west. Mule deer are often observed. Please do not block gates when parking.

view from Cundick Ridge road

NPS photo

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Last updated: January 31, 2014

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