Hiking Trails

Hiking trail map
Hiking Trail Map
There are over 14 miles of hiking trails in the Monument. Most of the trails wind through pine covered hills with patches of Aspen and Douglas Fir. Some of the trails pass wet meadows or through riparian areas.

*Please be aware that the Ponderosa Loop, Petrified Forest loop, and Geologic trail are closed from 5pm until 9am.

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Big Stump, petrified redwood stump
Big Stump on Petrified Forest Loop

NPS Photo

Petrified Forest Loop - 1.1 mile

This self-guided trail leads through the beds of ancient Lake Florissant. It passes numerous giant petrified redwood tree stumps, including the colorful "Big Stump". This trail starts behind the outdoor exhibit area.

EASY Elevation Change: 70 ft. Trail Profile

Rock formation on Geologic Trail
Remnants of Wall Mountain Tuff

NPS Photo

Geologic Trail - 0.6 mile (one way)

This self-guided trail highlights over a billion years of geologic history in the Florissant Valley. It passes over the ancient lake bed, crosses Teller County Rd. 1, then ascends past the remnants of a massive pyroclastic flow and ends at a scenic overview of the Florissant valley. From the visitor center, follow the Petrified Forest Loop to the junction of the Hornbek Wildlife Trail.
Geologic Trail Description

MODERATE Elevation change: 105 ft. Trail Profile

Ponderosa Trail wheelchair accessible
Petrified redwood stump on Ponderosa Trail

NPS Photo

Ponderosa Loop - 0.4 mile

This wheelchair accessible trail starts behind the exhibit area. This self-guided trail enters the modern forest of ponderosa pines, aspen, douglas fir, and spruce trees.

EASY - Elevation change: 40 ft. Trail Profile

Hornbek Trail crossed area once ancient Lake Florissant
Hornbek Wildlife Trail heading toward the Homestead

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Hornbek Trail - 3.9 miles

Following meadows, the trail to Hornbek Homestead crosses land once covered by ancient Lake Florissant. The return route overlooks the ancient lake and the mountain ranges beyond. Signs of wildlife are common.

MODERATE Elevation change: 322 ft. Trail Profile

View of Pikes Peak from Sawmill Trail
View of Pikes Peak from Sawmill Trail

Cliff and Jean Dickey

Sawmill Trail - 2.6 miles
The varied terrain provides a good example of Colorado's Montane Life Zone. Forests of pine, spruce and fir, meadows frequented by elk, ridge tops viewing Pikes Peak, and shaded streams, make this a favorite hike.
MODERATE Elevation change: 310 ft. Trail Profile

Hans Loop - 1.3 miles
The Hans Loop trail is an extension of the Sawmill Trail. Part of the trail follows a gentle ridge that provides vistas of Pikes Peak.
MODERATE Elevation change: 230 ft.
Trail Profile

Granite boulders on Boulder Creek trail
Granite boulders on Boulder Creek Trail

NPS Photo

Boulder Creek Trail - 3.0 miles

This loop trail begins and ends in the ponderosa pine forest, but crosses diverse ecosystems. A portion of the trail skirts wet meadows, crosses a stream, and passes a formation of giant eroded granite boulders.

MODERATE Elevation change: 265 ft. Trail Profile

Stream at the start of the Shootin' Star Trail
Stream at the start of Shootin' Star Trail

NPS Photo

Shootin' Star Trail - 1.3 miles (one way)

Starting at the Barksdale Picnid area, this trail crosses a stream, follows old roadbed, and traverses meadows to travel through the ponderosa pine forest. The trail gets its name from a historic ranch. Look for signs of former agricultural activity.

MODERATE Elevation change: 160 ft. Trail Profile

View of Twin Rocks
View of granite formation on Twin Rock Trail

Cliff and Jean Dickey

Twin Rock Trail - 2.5 miles (one way)

This trail is accessed from the Shootin' Star Trail or the Hornbek Trail. The trail features quiet views of rock formations, open meadows, aspen groves, riparian habitats, willows, and pond life. Signs of wildlife are common.

MODERATE Elevation Change: 280 ft. Trail Profile


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