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Learn about the park! First Ladies National Historic Site is the home to an extensive collection of stories, places, and artifacts. Representing all of the First Ladies of the United Staes - past and present - our site covers a large expanse of American history. Explore the "History and Culture" pages to learn more about the lives and legacies of the first ladies, the historic buildings at the park site, and our museum/archival collection.
Woodrow and Edith Wilson
Woodrow and Edith Wilson at the White House

Library of Congress


"Who is a First Lady? The Evolving Role and Legacy of Presidential Wives"
Explore how the position of First Lady has been defined, and how it has developed over time.
"First Ladies of the United States"
Over 48 women have held the role of First Lady as of 2021. Who are they?
"The Current First Spouse"
Dr. Jill Biden is the current First Lady of the United States. Wife to incumbent president Joe Biden, Dr. Biden is the first First Lady to hold a job outside the White House.
"Ida McKinley: Perseverance through Hardship"
Ida McKinley proved to be influential in her role as First Lady, despite frequent hardship and history's portrayal of her as an invalid.
Saxton McKinley House
The Saxton-McKinley House is open for tours.

National Park Service


"Leaving a Legacy: Experiencing History in the Saxton-McKinley House"
Aside from being a beautiful Victorian building, the Saxton-McKinley House is the last remaining home with direct ties to Ida and William McKinley in their hometown of Canton, Ohio.
"City National Bank: Home of the National First Ladies Library"
Learn about the building that now houses the Education Center for the National First Ladies LIbrary and First Ladies National Historic Site.



Articles about First Ladies and their Legacys
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