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Everglades has developed a free boater education course to orient and educate boaters to the unique features of the park's marine waters. Our overall goal is to protect marine resources while providing world-class recreational opportunities. In the park's 2015 General Management Plan, park stakeholders and managers identified boater education as a key strategy.

Substantial funding and support for the program was received from The Alliance for Florida's National Parks, the Florida Bay Stewardship Committee, and many knowledgeable stakeholders who saw the benefit of the program and worked with the park's team and the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands to develop the education course.

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Get Your Boating Certificate

This course and accompanying certificate is now mandatory for nearly everyone* operating a powerboat within the marine waters of the park. Upon successful completion of the course and test, boaters can print out the certificate to carry with them while operating a vessel in the park.

  1. Click either of the provided links (in English or Spanish) to get directed automatically to the ProValens "Everglades Boater Education Course" webpage.
  2. Click the "Add to Cart" button.
  3. On Shopping Cart page, click "Proceed to Checkout" button.
  4. If you do not have an account, click on “Register” button (if you have an account simply “Log In”).
  5. Create an account by typing: Name, Email Address, and Password. Click on "I'm not a robot" button and submit.
  6. In “Checkout Page”, under “Billing Information” type in Name, Address, Phone number. Click “Continue”.
  7. Under the “Students” tab, select “Same as Billing Information” and click “Continue”.
  8. Under the “Payment” tab, select “Continue” (the course and permit are free).
  9. Finally, click on “Place Order” button.
  10. Click on “Go to my Courses” button.
  11. Click on "Everglades Boater Education Course”.
  12. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Course Content” to take the Course.
  13. Pop-ups MAY be blocked! Be sure to allow pop-ups in your computer's settings for this website, or ask a staff member for assistance if you are completing the course at the park.

  14. After completing the Course return to home page to take the Assessment --> My Courses --> Course Overview --> Course Assessment.
  15. After successfully completing the Assessment get your Everglades National Park Boating Permit by returning to Home Page --> My Courses --> Course Overview --> Get Your Certificate. Check and click “Get Your Certificate”.
  16. Print your Everglades National Park Boating Certificate and/or Save a copy to your cell phone or the electronic device you will have when boating in the park.

*For limited exemption details, see drop down in "Boating-Specific Questions."

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

As stated in the 2015 Final GMP, “A mandatory boater education (certificate) program would be implemented to provide all boaters with information, not only on boat safety in the park, but also on the key elements of this plan related to use of the park’s marine areas. This information would help them avoid harming shallow sea bottom, seagrass, and wildlife, and operate watercraft in a manner that respects other users. This program would encourage boaters to become partners in resource stewardship.

The course will also cover important changes detailed in the GMP, including new pole/troll and other management zones in Florida Bay and the Ten-thousand Islands/Gulf Coast backcountry, and other topics important for experiencing park waters.

Based on extensive public involvement over many years in the GMP process, there was widespread public support for instituting this program in order to better protect important park marine resources and enhance visitor use and enjoyment throughout the park’s more than 530,000 acres of marine waters. In addition, the State of Florida identified boater education as one of the best ways to increase resource protection and stewardship and avoid damage to seagrass and other resources in shallow waters.

The program consists of three parts: the education course, the course assessment, and the boating certificate. The course includes text, maps, and a few short videos and interactive demonstrations on boating and navigation. The assessment is a series of questions to test your knowledge of the course content. Once at least 80% of the questions are answered correctly you can request your certificate.

The free course will focus on resource protection, safety, visitor enjoyment, basic navigation and management zone information, and respectful boating within all marine areas, from the Ten Thousand Islands to Florida Bay.

The average time to complete the program including requesting your certificate should be 45 minutes to 1 hour.

There will be an assessment (test) at the end of the course. Once completed, those that want to use a motorboat in the park will be able to get a certificate that can be saved to a cell phone or other electronic device, or that can be printed out.

The course is available online in English and Spanish.

English at
Spanish at

People can take it anywhere the internet is available from a computer, tablet device or cell phone. Access to the course will also be available at the Flamingo and Gulf Coast Visitor Centers in Everglades National Park for those visitors who were unaware of the boater education requirement when they arrived at the park. Boaters are encouraged to take the course and obtain their certificate before visiting the park.

Starting August 1st, 2019, Everglades National Park will require all marine boaters to have completed the park’s Boater Education Program. The program has been available for several months in this informal, non-mandatory period. Approximately 4,000 individuals have already taken the course and received their certificate.

There will be a phased approach to enforcement, since this is a new park program. Leading up to the August 1, 2019 start date and in the months that follow, education about the program’s purpose and accessing it will be the primary conversation between park staff and boaters. On July 1 (thirty days in advance of the start date), outreach efforts began with a press release and social media posts, and those efforts will be ongoing to maximize program awareness. Sometime in 2020, once the program is widely known and the public is well aware of the boater education requirement, park rangers will shift their emphasis from “education” to “enforcement” to ensure program compliance.


Program Fees and Certificate Questions

Upon successfully completing the course assessment with a score of 80% or more, users should see a menu item in the navigation menu labeled as "Boating Certificate". A new screen should appear with a button that says "Get Your Certificate". Click this button to view and print your boating certificate.

No, the boater education program is free of charge. Though at one time park managers considered a fee to support administering the program and supporting on-the-water projects (e.g., channel marker maintenance, resource studies), other revenue sources have been identified to meet those needs.

The certificate will not have an expiration date. In the years to come, based on public and stakeholder feedback and changes that may affect boating in the park, there may be additional information provided to boaters through course updates or e-mail alerts to certificate holders.

No, once an individual takes the course and assessment, and receives their certificate, no further action is required. Boat operators just need to have a paper or electronic version of the certificate when boating in the park.

Boaters will be able to print out their certificate or save an electronic version of the certificate on their electronic device. They will need to have either form with them while operating a motor boat in the park.

Boat in Florida Bay
Boat in Florida Bay

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Boating-Specific Questions

Nearly everyone operating a motorboat must take the course and obtain a certificate. This includes recreational boaters, including those that rent boats; licensed boat captains, including fishing guides and other tour operators in the park; National Park Service staff; concessioner employees; park cooperators, researchers scientists; and individuals operating a motor boat under a special use permit. The program does not apply to those operating an airboat in the freshwater areas of the park.

A certificate is required to operate any boat, propelled by a combustion engine or electric motor that’s attached to the vessel. This includes canoes, kayaks and sail boats that include an engine. You will not need a certificate for strictly paddling, rowing, or poling a boat, canoe, or kayak but operators of non-motorized vessels are still encouraged to take the free course.

Yes, recreational users transiting directly to/from Everglades City using Indian Key Pass, Sandfly Pass, Rabbit Key Pass, Chokoloskee Pass, and across Chokoloskee Bay, using the most direct route to or from Everglades City, Chokoloskee Island, or Fakahatchee Bay. Boats must remain in transit unless disabled or if weather and sea conditions combine to make safe passage impossible. Direct route transit for safe harbor also applies between the Gulf of Mexico and Flamingo.

The certificate covers the operator and not the boat, so they both must take the course and have a certificate.

An operator will only have to take the course once, no matter how many boats he/she owns and operates.

Visit the park's boating page or call (305) 242-7700 for more information or if you have questions not addressed above.

Last updated: August 21, 2023

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