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Freshwater Flow from Estuaring Creeks into Northeastern Florida Bay
Clinton Hittle, Eduardo Patino & Mark Zucker

Map Showing Location of Florida Bay Monitoring Stations
Location of Florida Bay Monitoring Stations.

Image Courtesy of Hittle, Patino & Zucker


Historically, seasonal flows of freshwater coursed south from the terrestrial Everglades, draining into Florida Bay via a network of coastal estuarine creeks. These periodic infusions of freshwater remain critical for the health of the our coastal systems, and restoring such flows remains a high priority in the effort to save the remnant Everglades. Reaching this goal, however, requires the availability of reliable baseline data.

This CESI-funded project monitors the magnitude and distribution of freshwater flows through nine estuarine creeks within the mangrove zone along northeast Florida Bay-- an area where information on flow, salinity, and water-level was previously unavailable. Data collected from this study can be utilized in model development and calibration, and helps illuminate the dynamics behind the Everglades/Florida Bay transition zone.

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Northeastern, Florida Bay, Freshwater, Flow, Estuary, Creeks, Hydrology, Salinity, Hittle, Patino, Zucker, CESI, Everglades, National Park, Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative

Last updated: June 23, 2021

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