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Hydrologic Variation/Ecological Processes in the Mangrove Forests
James E. Saiers & Thomas J. Smith III

View of mangrove forest along the Little Shark River

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Everglades National Park preserves the single largest stand of protected mangrove forest in the northern hemisphere. Historically, freshwater would move through these coastal systems in vast quantities as it drained into nearshore estuaries. But following a century of efforts to manage south Florida's watershed, the flow of freshwater now reaching these forests has been greatly reduced.

The current Everglades restoration effort endeavors to return greater quantities of water to the mangrove coast. As such, measurable indicators will be required against which to evaluate restoration success. This CESI-funded investigation examines how these mangrove systems might respond to changes in freshwater flow using allometric, or scaling, relations.





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Hydrologic, Variation, Ecological, Processes, Mangrove, Forests, Everglades, CESI, Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative, Smith

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