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Dry Down Tolerance of the Florida Applesnail: Effects of Age and Season
Philip C. Darby & H. Franklin Percival

Apple Snail in an Everglades Marsh

National Park Service Photo by Rodney Cammauf


The Florida applesnail, Pomacea paludosa, is a common resident of the freshwater Everglades and forms an important link in the food web of the marsh. In particular, P. paludosa is preyed upon by a number of notable species including both Limpkins and Everglades Snail Kites. Population success of the applesnail may serve as a touchstone for restoration success, as the former appear to have adapted over time to the natural cyclic fluctuations of south Florida's wetlands.

This CESI-funded project resulted in the publication of five articles that detail several years of investigation into the life history of the Florida applesnail. This research provides scientists more effective methodologies for monitoring, and better clarifies commonly reported relationships between snails and wetland hydrology. Impacts to snail populations resulting from lake management practices are also examined.


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