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Experimental Studies of Population Growth and Predator-Prey
Interactions of South Florida Fishes
Shawn E. Smith & Joel C. Trexler

Periphyton Floating in the Everglades
Periphyton Floating in the Everglades

NPS Photo by Rodney Cammauf


Alligators and panthers often garner much attention as south Florida's apex predators. Yet it is the expansive mats of periphyton that form the base of the complex Everglades food web. The trophic dynamics of the entire ecosystem seem to pivot on the availability of this prolific primary producer.

This CESI-funded investigation examines the interactions between periphyton and the aquatic species it supports. Algal mats can serve a variety of purposes for such organisms, including both refuge and nutrition. Knowledge gained from observing such interactions can help managers better infer how these communities will respond to environmental change.



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Final Report
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Population, Growth, Predator-Prey, Interactions, South Florida, Fishes, Fish, CESI, Critical Ecosystem Studies Initiative, Shawn E. Smith, Joel Trexler

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