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Phosphorus Kinetics and Biogeochemical Studies to Support a
Seagrass Ecosystem Simulation Model for Florida Bay Management
Marguerite S. Koch, Ole Nielsen, Henning Jensen & Christopher J. Madden

Turtle Grass Bed
A Bed of Turtle Grass

NPS Photo


The shallow, estuarine waters of Florida Bay have long been recognized for the abundance of seagrass beds they support. In turn, seagrasses are often credited for helping stabilize sediments and serving as important primary producers in the coastal food web. Periodic seagrass die-offs continue to puzzle scientists and fuel attempts at isolating potential causes.

Like all flowering plants, seagrasses depend on, and participate in, a constant rotation of nutrients. This study examines how nutrients (most notably phosphorus) cycle throughout Florida Bay, and how these periodic fluxes manifest themselves in the growth and decomposition of seagrasses.



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